Pride Of Africa Awards

Gerald Tendesekai Marangwanda

Country Base:

(Dj Gerrybeatz)

DJ Gerrybeatz, Gerald Tendesekai Marangwanda, is a Zimbabwean music pundit, event organizer, project manager, and creative music enthusiast. He has an MSc in Project Management and has won the Outstanding Achievement in The Entertainment Industry Award in 2019.

DJ Gerrybeatz started his career as a DJ in 2009, filling a vacuum that needed to be addressed. He has a passion for different music genres, including Dancehall, Hip Pop, and House. He has performed at countless events, bars, parties, nightclubs, pubs, and bars in partnership with various profit and non-profit organizations and has participated in more than 350 shows in and around Shanghai since moving there in 2023 after the COVID-19 pandemic.

When he’s not playing music to be creative or productive, DJ Gerrybeatz plays to heal and process difficult emotions. He believes that playing music is a way to connect with himself in the most intimate way possible, either by confronting or observing himself. He considers himself a DJ healer, using music to help himself and others.