Pride Of Africa Awards


Country Base:

I am a Senior Consultant at Tianjin Bright Future Consulting Co.,Ltd, bringing six years of valuable expertise to my role. My work at an education consulting company have transformed the lives of less fortunate students who have exceptional results and are in need of funding to proceed with education. My commitment to helping these students in-need, to secure scholarships to study in China has opened doors to higher education and opportunities they might not have otherwise had. I have assisted more than four hundred students from developing countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Liberia, Zambia, and Bangladesh.

My passion for empowering others and my dedication to creating meaningful change start from the corners of my country, my town to the heart of my neighborhood, my guiding light of empathy touches the lives of not just strangers but those closest to me – my neighbors, my siblings, and the children who look up to me with hopeful eyes. I do believe that I have undoubtedly left a lasting and positive impact on the lives of many students. Every day, I draw strength from my passion for lifting others up, for offering a helping hand to those in need, and for championing the cause of education and empowerment.

In addition, I have dedicated myself to making a positive impact on the lives of girls from less fortunate families. Through my efforts, I have facilitated access to sanitary, daily necessities and school fees for primary school girls residing in my home country Zimbabwe, embodying the spirit of generosity and empathy. My compassionate efforts extend beyond traditional boundaries as I reach out to support girls who are not only from less fortunate families but also orphaned, facing unimaginable challenges just to secure their basic needs. Instead of toiling in farms for food and survival, my intervention provides these children the chance to focus on their education, free from the burden of laborious work.

By redirecting my contributions to support their families, I believe my actions are not only empowering these girls to access education but also alleviate the financial strain on their families, giving them hope for a brighter future. Through my dedication and kindness, I am rewriting the narrative for these girls, showing them that a better life is possible and that opportunities for growth and learning await them.